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Community Unification Project

Establishing a common ownership of the economy through market access and the empowerment of low-income families.

Healthcare Basics
Healthcare Basics Instructional
Offer locals suggestions with the use of analogies and metaphors that together form the best possible solution without the use of medical jargon.
Water & Sanitation Standardization
Water & Sanitation Standardization
Create clean water access in rural communities where absent with visual guides serving as educational tools for hygiene best practices.
Building Nutritious Food Awareness
Building Nutritious Food Awareness
Generate access to fruits and vegetables at affordable prices while sharing the knowledge and skills to prepare these foods to complement their diet.
Agricultire & Agricultire Waste Management
Agriculture & Agriculture Waste Management
Implement control and use byproducts of agricultural production in a manner that sustains or enhances the quality of air, water, soil, plant, and animal resources.
Harnessing the Power of Communication
Harnessing the Power of Communication
Listen, being mindful of non-verbal communication through the use of decisive, constructive engagement to reduce misunderstanding.
Normalizing Renewable Energy Usage
Normalizing Renewable Energy Usage
Generate environmental and economic benefits with low or zero greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution for a low-carbon society.

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